Limited Sensitive Set



  • The limited sensitive set contains concerted MBR® products
  • First is the Modukine Serum 1.7 oz., a serum with healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, desensitizing atopic skin. Well suited for skin with tendencies toward neurodermatitis and eczema …
  • Additional there is a Modukine Cream 1.7 oz.. It protects and rebuilds lipid barrier and reduces tightness and desensitizes irritations …
  • Also in this set is Night Oil 2 x 0.5 oz.. It combats premature cell aging and reinforces connective tissue, soothes the skin and prevents irritation with anti-inflammatory properties and restores healthy, glowing complexion …
  • Luxury sample ContinueLine Protection Shield Mask
  • Luxury sample 1 pair Silken & Calm Eye Patches
  • MBR® Beauty Bag



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