As a luxury skincare provider for over two decades, Medical Beauty Research is a brand you can trust to bring years of collective knowledge and experience together, creating the best skincare products available.



Each person is an individual, as individual as their skincare needs. Medical Beauty Research understands this and has created a diversity of products to fit every discerning skincare want and need. With multiple lines ranging from ultra-hydrating, to sensitive-skin treatments, there is an exhaustive list of options you can customize to meet your unique requirements.



Creating the world’s best skincare requires using the world’s best ingredients. By employing a collection of surgeons, chemists, pharmacists, and dermatologists, our expert team collectively sources the highest standard of ingredients and patents from around the world, combining them perfectly to create the silky textures, ease of application, and amazing results that you expect from Medical Beauty Research.



You won’t find a brand anywhere that’s as proud of its reputation as Medical Beauty Research. That brand reputation starts with creating exceptional skincare products but is nothing without the experience our customers share. Medical Beauty Research and its expertly trained staff extend these experiences to you with our carefully selected partnerships with spas and hotels worldwide. Everywhere you find us, you will find helpful, knowledgeable, passionate professionals, including licensed surgeons, estheticians, doctors, and dermatologists ready to assist you with your personal skincare journey. Once you have experienced the treatment Medical Beauty Research offers, your definition of luxury skincare will change.



Luxury is aligned with innovation. Medical Beauty Research has taken strides to embody this concept, not just through the luxury skincare products and service you’ve come to love, but in setting a standard for other skincare and cosmetic brands to follow and look up to. At Medical Beauty Research, we strive to be a trendsetter and skincare industry leader by maintaining a state of the art facility focused on Green Footprint Principles, sustainability, The New Generation Principle, TUV Certifications, never testing on animals, are just a few steps we take to make sure we are not just taking care of you and your skincare needs, but the needs of our ever changing planet.

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