Where can I buy MBR products?

You can buy MBR products directly from MBR, or from any of our authorized partners.

Is it possible to just order samples?

No, but you can place a note of what samples you would like during your checkout process.

Do you also ship outside the USA?

Yes, we currently ship throughout North America and South America, including the surrounding islands (prices vary). Customers are responsible for any duties and fees related to international shipments originating from the USA where applicable.

Can I use the products during pregnancy?

All MBR products are safe to be used during pregnancy. For special questions or concerns, you are welcome to request a customized regimen (hyperlink setzen), the question function on the product page or write an e-mail to customerservice@mbrcare.com.

I have a question about a product.

For special questions or concerns, you are welcome to request a customized regimen, the question function on the product page (same as above) or write an e-mail to customerservice@mbrcare.com.

What payment methods are offered?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Do you offer any discounts?

No. We do sometimes offer promotions, special bundles and cooperations with influencers. Check our shop regularly, subscribe to our newsletter and visit our Instagram @mbr.cosmetics to keep up to date with any offerings.

How do I know if a MBR product is authentic?

MBR is a high-tech luxury product that is only growing in popularity and attempted copies worldwide. The only way to ensure authenticity is to purchase directly from MBR or through an authorized partner of MBR. If you have any questions or concerns of authenticity or partners we work with, do not hesitate to reach out to us at customerservice@mbrcare.com.

Where can I test MBR products?

We provide samples with all online orders and you can always request specific samples when checking out. You can also visit any of our authorized partners around the world for samples, facials, and expert advice.

I see Vitamin A in some products, is that active Retinol?

No. The Vitamin A in our products work as antioxidants and are not a form of active retinol.

How do I use or apply a specific product?

If you have any questions or concerns about how to use a product, you are welcome to request a customized regimen, or reach out to our team at customerservice@mbrcare.com.

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FAQ Ingredients

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What ingredients do MBR products use?

Depending on the area of ​​application and skin type, we use a wide variety of ingredients specially tailored to the application. You can see what these are on the packaging and individual pages of the products. But no matter which MBR product you choose: You can be sure that MBR contains only the highest quality ingredients of uncompromising quality.

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