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Unique Medical Care System

A Revolutionary Regimen in 3 easy steps



The first and crucial step in the daily skincare routine is the preparation of the skin for the following treatment steps. A deep, yet mild cleanse will revitalize and detoxify the skin immediately and allow for an exceptional penetration of active ingredients.



Depending on the skincare needs a customized regimen will target desired skincare goals. Highly concentrated serums and concentrates will treat and nourish with highly efficient and revolutionary ingredients to stimulate the rejuvenation process of the skin.



To seal the highly effective ingredients into skin, allowing for the most exceptional results, the closing step will finalize the skincare regimen with precious and exquisite textures to maximize the benefits of the highly effective ingredients.

What Is Medical Skincare?

The difference to mainstream cosmetics

By definition, Medical – “relating to the science of medicine and treatments”, and Skincare – “things you do and keep your skin healthy and attractive” can be viewed as one and the same. Unfortunately, mainstream cosmetics has abandoned this connection and many products and brands leave underlying skincare and medical needs untreated and masked by decorating with powders, creams, lotions, etc.

Here at MBR we have taken a different approach. In our efforts to achieve the greatest possible results, we have developed products that synergize and mesh the concept of “Medical Skincare” perfectly with each other.

Through continuousin-depth research and years of experience, MBR has built up acomprehensive network that combines the knowledge of aestheticphysicians, dermatologists and estheticians in a way to bring you a unique approach and products that can truly be defined as MedicalSkincare.

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Made With Care

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All MBR products are exclusively made in our state-of-the-art facility following the most rigorous standards of any cosmetics brandallowing for the utmost care. At our manufacturing wing, our highlyskilled professionals work by hand to create small batches, allowing for the most precise measurements of each extraordinary ingredient. Once each batch is complete, our in-house laboratory takes samples, testing to ensure the precise formulations are correct. The products then are treated to a white glove experience, where each miniscule detail of packaging is handled individually, and inspected for any imperfections. Once passing each individual inspection, are our products allowed to leave our facility and start their journey to you.

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