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Cell-Power Cream Deodorant Sensitive - 1.7 oz.


“Sensitive Odor Control”

An aluminum salt free, mild deodorant emulsion that provides refreshing and nourishing all-day wetness and odor protection.

Cell-Power Cream Deodorant Sensitive is absorbed immediately and ensures a reliable and invisible freshness while soothing the sensitive underarm skin. Alcohol free.

Suitable for sensitive skin and after hair removal.

  • Provides intensive, yet mild all-day, invisible odor protection
  • Soothes sensitive underarm skin
  • Ensures reliable all-day freshness
  • Leaves a silky soft feel
  • Aluminum Salt and Alcohol free
This product is also part of the following collections


Deoplex, Powdered Oyster Shells, Sym-Deompp, Starch Powder, Magnolia Extract


Use daily or as needed. Apply Cell-Power Cream Deodorant Sensitive after cleansing the skin. Squeeze a small amount and spread on evenly.

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