MBR® After SUN Care Routine

The most effective skincare for after sun exposure!
Promoting hydration and soothing sun-stressed skin, these skincare products utilize intensive active complexes and functional mechanisms to alleviate skin reactions such as sunburn, redness, and dryness.

MBR® After SUN Pflegeprodukte

Die wirksamste Hautpflege nach dem Sonnenbaden!
Die After SUN Hautpflegeprodukte aus der Pflegelinie MBR® medical SUN care® bieten intensive Feuchtigkeitspflege und Beruhigung für sonnengestresste Haut. Supersanfte Formeln lindern Hautreaktionen wie Sonnenbrand, Rötungen und Trockenheit.
the product mbr after sun face on a blue background with the benefits written beside
the product mbr after sun face on a blue background with the benefits written beside

MBR® After SUN combines sustainable care and reparative properties.

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MBR® medical SUN care® is a high-quality skincare line specially developed in Germany to effectively protect, sustainably care for and repair the skin based on the latest findings in medicine and biotechnology.

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Intense healing and skin regeneration

This advanced and highly effective skincare concept provides a scientific and reliable solution for relieving sunburn and addressing common skin reactions to the sun, including redness, dryness, and tightness.

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Immediate soothing and skincare

With the highest quality, exceptional textures, multiple synergistic complementary active ingredients and a simple yet effective care formula, this skincare product soothes and cools skin stressed by UV-A/UV-B rays with an immediate effect.
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Moisture-balancing effect

With the balanced MBR® CARE/REPAIR SYSTEM, the skin is nurtured and rejuvenated after sunbathing. Carefully selected active ingredient complexes restore moisture balance, improving and enhancing the skin’s moisture capacity. Additionally, this system helps repair minor skin imperfections.
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Improved and rejuvenated skin appearance

High-quality care substances effectively soothe, relax, and moisturize sun-stressed skin, leaving it feeling silky soft. Active ingredients work to reduce sun-induced wrinkles and promote a beautiful tan, even long after your vacation.
Gentle care for sun-damaged skin
The MBR® After SUN care routine, with its unique ingredients, provides the ideal aftercare for sun-stressed skin, ensuring optimal care and regeneration. The dermatologically tested products are completely fragrance-free to minimize the potential for irritation, making them suitable for sensitive or very dry skin.

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MBR® care products

After SUN Liquid Mask

Box 8×1 pcs. Fleece matrix

This soothing liquid mask instantly calms UV-stressed skin, balances moisture levels in the long term, and activates vital cell protection functions.
Gives skin vitality and youthful radiance.

After SUN Cream Mask


Tube 3.4 oz.

This intensively moisturizing, nourishing, and cooling facial cream mask is specifically designed for sun-stressed skin. It provides immediate results, leading to a plump and smoother appearance.

After SUN Face


Tube 3.4 oz.

This non-greasy After SUN face gel is an activating formula based on high-quality care substances, specially designed for skin regeneration in case of sunburn or after sun exposure.

After SUN Body


Tube 6.8 oz.

This intensively nourishing body lotion provides soothing coolness to skin stressed by UV radiation on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms. It also promotes the regeneration process.
Ideal for aftercare following sunburn and after sunbathing.
Skin stressed by UV-A/UV-B rays requires fast and long-lasting care to regenerate and replenish moisture levels. The sun, water, and wind can dry out the skin, making it even more important to provide effective and lasting hydration.

Customer reviews

Amazing product!
MBR® After SUN Liquid Mask

The after sun liquid mask is fantastic! My sun damaged face felt immediately refreshed and super smooth. After I spend time in the sun, it has become my absolute must have. Definitely 5 stars!

Soooo moisturizing
MBR® After SUN Liquid Mask

I gotta say, the after sun liquid mask is really great. My face felt soothed so quickly and no longer dry. I take a point off only for the price, since the mask can only be used once, but otherwise I’m super happy with the results.

MBR® After SUN Cream Mask

I am so happy with the after sun cream mask. It really helped my face after it got a sunburn. The texture is very smooth and absorbed quickly into my skin leaving no sticky feeling. My sunburn felt instantly soothed. This face mask is now permanently in my sun care routine.

Nice product, but very pricey
MBR® After SUN Face
The after sun face product has truly taken care of my skin and left it feeling soothed. It feels great on the skin and has a refreshing effect. However, I do find the price to be a bit high.
Would definitely recommend
MBR® After SUN Face
The after sun face product has truly taken care of my skin and left it feeling soothed. It feels great on the skin and has a refreshing effect. However, I do find the price to be a bit high.
Was perfect for my sensitive skin
MBR® After SUN Face

I have sensitive skin and finding products that soothes it without causing more irritation is super rare. Many other products I have tried would break me out. But with MBR products, I finally found the ideal solution and it even exceeded my expectations. The ingredients are super soothing and have not caused any reactions to my skin.

Super nice, just one critique
MBR® After SUN Body

I recently tried the after sun body product and was really happy. It left my skin moisturized and soothed. The texture is light and spreads well. My only criticism is I would have loved if it had a nice scent. Other than that I would be happy to recommend the product.

The perfect tan
MBR® After SUN Body

I am absolutely thrilled with the after sun body product! It helped to keep my tan long after my vacation. I was very surprised at how even and radiant my skin looked. I highly recommend this product and give it 5 stars!

Nice light feeling without being sticky
MBR® After SUN Body

The light texture is easy to apply and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling which I really loved. I am not a fan of products that take too long to sink into the skin so this one is really nice.

Cutting-edge care products at the highest level

MBR® has created a meticulously coordinated and balanced care system that caters to the needs of individuals seeking optimal care during vacations, everyday life, and various outdoor sports and leisure activities. This comprehensive system complements the existing MBR® product line in each category.

Frequently asked Questions

The MBR® After SUN care routine incorporates an effective 3-fold system that draws from the latest advancements in medicine and biotechnology. This system ensures optimal care and regeneration of the skin. The high-quality active ingredients, formulated in a unique manner, have resulted in high-tech care products that set a new standard in skincare. What sets MBR® After SUN products apart is their commitment to uncompromising quality, exceptional textures, synergistic combinations of active ingredients, and a simple yet effective care formula. These factors differentiate them from conventional products and make them truly exceptional.

Yes, The incredibly effective MBR® After SUN care routine goes beyond just the summer season. It offers intensive moisturization and sustainable skin repair that can be enjoyed all year round. These remarkable products are also perfect for those embarking on vacations in extreme summer zones. Whether you’re an avid water sports enthusiast, a mountain explorer, or a winter sports enthusiast, MBR® After SUN care products are well-suited to cater to your skincare needs.
Yes, During the development of MBR® After SUN products, special attention was given to minimizing the potential for skin irritation. As a result, all of the MBR® After SUN products are fragrance-free, ensuring they are suitable for even the most demanding, sensitive, irritated, and dry skin types. They are highly recommended for individuals with various skin types, providing optimal care and comfort without the risk of additional irritation.
Yes, You can easily combine the MBR® After SUN care products with your regular MBR® products for a comprehensive summer skincare routine. They seamlessly complement the existing MBR® product line within each category, allowing you to customize your skincare regimen to meet your specific needs.
All of the MBR® After SUN care products are effective from the first application and leave skin stressed by UV-A/UV-B radiation looking more relaxed and supple. Moisture loss is sustainably balanced, the skin’s own immune system is activated, and cell protection and regeneration functions are supported. In addition, sun-induced lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced immediately.

Yes, the MBR® After SUN care products for facial skin are suitable to be used as a base before applying makeup. Specifically, the After SUN Face product is designed to provide soothing and intensive moisturization to the skin after exposure to UV-A/UV-B radiation. Its non-sticky texture makes it easy to apply, and it quickly absorbs into the skin. This product can serve as an excellent preparation for makeup application, helping to repair minor skin imperfections and creating an even complexion for a radiant summer look. It is recommended to follow the instructions on the packaging and gently massage the After SUN Face product into the skin until fully absorbed before applying makeup.

Yes, the MBR® After SUN care routine is also suitable for sun-sensitive and allergy-prone skin, even in cases where there may be a medical condition involved. MBR® offers a specially formulated line called “medical SUN care®” that provides a perfectly balanced and coordinated care system for optimal skin care and regeneration. All of the MBR® After SUN products are designed to restore the skin’s physiological balance after sunburn or sun exposure. These products contain high-quality and deeply nourishing ingredients that aim to reduce irritation, redness, and other skin reactions, while supporting the natural functions of the skin.

The MBR® After SUN Liquid Mask and the MBR® After SUN Cream Mask differ in terms of texture and application method. The soothing Liquid Mask is a fleece matrix mask that comes in a box of 8 sheets. It is applied to the face after cleansing and gently pressed onto the skin. This fleece mask provides immediate relief to sun-stressed skin, helps balance moisture levels, and activates important cell protection functions. It is particularly suitable for optimizing daily summer skincare routines. On the other hand, the After SUN Cream Mask is a cooling and creamy face mask that is generously applied to the face and neck. Its rich texture allows the mask to soothe skin reactions caused by sunburn.

MBR After SUN products provide targeted and highly effective care that soothes the skin, balances moisture and activates important cell protection functions.

Yes, MBR After SUN products can be used for sun-related skin reactions such as sunburn to provide immediate relief and soothing.

MBR After SUN products work immediately, leaving the skin looking more relaxed, supple and revitalized. Long-term results can be achieved with regular use.

Yes, MBR After SUN products are not only suitable for summer, but also for year-round use to moisturize and protect the skin.

The MBR After SUN products are designed to be water-resistant, ensuring that they remain on the skin even during swimming or sweating. This feature allows them to continue providing protective properties effectively.

The effect of MBR After SUN products lasts for different lengths of time depending on the individual. It is recommended to use the products regularly to achieve the best possible results and long-lasting care.

Yes, MBR After SUN products are specially formulated for sensitive skin and contain gentle ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin without causing irritation.

Yes, MBR After SUN products can be easily integrated into your daily skincare routine. You can use them either as an additional skincare step or as a replacement for your regular moisturizer.

Yes, MBR After SUN products can also be used as a moisturizer to intensively hydrate the skin and keep it supple.

MBR After SUN Liquid Mask is a light, fast-absorbing mask, while MBR After SUN Cream Mask has a richer consistency. Both products provide instant soothing and moisture balancing for sun-stressed skin.

Yes, MBR After SUN products can be perfectly combined with other MBR products to achieve a comprehensive skin care routine.

MBR After SUN products are not meant to be rinsed off. They should be gently massaged into the skin after application and can be left for a long-lasting effect.

Yes, MBR offers a wide range of skin care products that can be combined with the After SUN products. For example, after using the After SUN products, you can use the MBR moisturizers or serums to intensively hydrate and nourish the skin. MBR sunscreen products are also a good addition to protect the skin from future sun exposure. It is recommended to consult a skin care expert to find the optimal combination of MBR products for your individual skin needs.

No, MBR After SUN products are specially designed for care after sunbathing. You should use a suitable sunscreen before sunbathing.

Yes, MBR places great importance on animal welfare. The After SUN products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free.