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ContinueLine Cell & Tissue Activator



  • Stimulates performance through regenerative cell proliferation
  • Improves tissue formation and generation of collagen
  • Reduces dark shadows, especially around the eyes, mouth and chin
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Defines and lifts contours
  • Increases ability to retain moisture
  • Calms and soothes with an herbal infusion

Key Ingredients

  • Hyalufix™ - Galanga extract to stimulate the hyaluronan synthesis, restoring skin’s density and increases the radiance of the complexion by reducing shadowed areas, like dark circles around the eyes, hollowed areas in the cheeks, lips and chin.
  • CroNoline™ - Restructuring peptide, boosting the production of collagens at the dermal-epidermal junction, with a plumping effect from the inside.
  • MultiEx BSASM™ - Multi-herbal extract of seven roots and leaves, rich in calming, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties. Prevents dry, rough, scaly skin, releases redness and itchiness and speed up wound healing.


  • Hydrolite® 5, Hyalufix™, MultiEx BSASM™, Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Mayweed, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), CroNoline™, Thiotaine (L-Ergothioneine)

How To Apply

  • Use mornings and evenings after preparing the skin. Apply Cell & Tissue Activator by gently massaging it in. For optimal results, follow with creams of your choice.
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