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The Best Face - 1.7 oz.


„Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation“

A luxurious cream with a rejuvenating effect on the cellular level.

The Best Face utilizes the revolutionary MBR® FibroBoost Complex, a patented anti-ageing peptide that profoundly activates and controls cell functions. Encapsulated in a state-of-the-art, intelligent carrier system, it precisely supports the skin cells natural signaling process for a distinct reanimation of fibroblastic structures.

Collagen and elastin fibers are strengthened, preventing skin sagging and wrinkle formation. By reducing facial microcontractions, further development of deep wrinkles is prevented. The skin’s natural ability to produce hyaluronan is stimulated, allowing the skin to retain moisture more effectively. Skins rebirth.

  • Reanimates cell functions
  • Increases proliferation of intracellular matrix molecules
  • Stimulates and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers
  • Relieves deep wrinkles by reducing microcontractions
  • Replenishes moisture network
  • Provides long-term moisturization and increases ability to retain moisture
  • Smoothes, firms, and protects the skin’s surface structure


MBR® FibroBoost Complex, MBR® Smooth M8, Thalassine 2G, Hyaluronic Acid, HyanifyTM, RosmarinylTM Glucoside, Ectoin, Avocado Oil


Apply mornings and evenings after preparing the skin by gently massaging it in.

For optimal results, apply after serum of your choice.

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